Wednesday, May 1, 2013

HaLLoWeeN TiMe!!

It's May 1st and I'm feeling some Halloween inspiration! I love creating for Halloween as it's my absolute favourite 'holiday' and could do it all year round...but usually wait til about this time of year and then go, go, go all summer long. I've recently listed some art cards on eBay that I've had sitting around so I hope you will take a peek.

CLiCK HeRe To See HaLLoWeen aRT CaRdS!!

Art cards are a fun way to enjoy art as they are small (2.5" x 3.5") and you can easily tuck them away into special little spots like in between displays around your house or office, into a wreath or even an album. I've even been asked to drill holes and add wire hangers which is a terrific idea too! 

I have tons of old antique ledgers and papers which I love to use for my art cards. I also use a lot of printed items and scrap booking papers, but the look of the old stuff can't be beat! It just seems to add a bit more texture and interest! Anyhow, take a peek at these, and you won't be disappointed!