Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Winter Gift

Sometimes I think of how much we take for granted....things that we as adults, seem to forget as we grow older, get busier, spend less time on things we once used to love doing...I used to love going outside and playing in the snow as a child, building forts, making snow angels, and snowmen on the front yard...and now as an adult, I really just find the snow a nuisance....shovelling, scraping windows even after letting the car warm up for fifteen minutes, not to mention driving in it! Funny how things change, and I easily forget how much it used to make me so happy.I had some hang tags on my work island ready to decorate...the same complimentary tag's I send out to my clients with their packages, when one of my little guy's asked me if he could have one to colour. I obliged, as he love's to draw and colour, and cut and paste...just like mom! He came back to me after a few minute's, and offered me his little creation. This simple hang tag, with a simple juvenile snowman drawn quickly and efficiently ~in order to please mom as soon as possible~ just really reminded me to treasure my own childhood memories of winter.This simple gift, given from the heart of my six year old son, will be cherished.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Last Easter I did a few art cards and sold them on eBay...
one featuring this terrific vintage postcard image of
these sweet Victorian era children riding a big ol' chicken!!
This year, I have used the same image and touched it up with some Prismacolor pencils and some sparkly glaze, and placed it into a beautiful antique brass frame!!
I will be listing this on eBay as soon as I get the chance!!
Be sure to check it out and let me know whatcha think!!


My favourite thing to do is creating Art may know them as ACEO's, which is an acronym for Art Cards, Editions & Originals, and these little cuties measure a sweet and standard 2.5" x 3.5". Some cards are referred to as Art Squared, and these measure 4" x 4". 

They are the most practical way of collecting art, as they are just the perfect size...great to prop up on a shelf, framed, in an album, tucked into a wreath or even into a gift card for a friend, or perhaps stacked in piles around the house so you can just pick 'em up at any time...terrific pick me ups when you need a smile!

I love to spend time creating hand painted art cards, but most of my cards and assemblages are created using backgrounds made from layers of antique ledger paper or newspaper....some dating all the way back to 1826! I like to use various repro images and vintage photo reprints of Victorian children! Sometimes I may even add some dimensional items like found objects, old buttons, scraps, beads, ribbon, name it! I will always add some age and colour using artist's acrylics, Prismacolor pencils, and or Walnut Ink Crystals, and this gives each piece it's own unique and individual character!