Monday, September 15, 2014

Halloween Pug

Oh, and don't forget to take a peek at a special Halloween pug art card just listed on eBay!!

It's Halloween Time!!
Some recently posted Halloween art cards for your consideration!
Hope you like these original mini paintings!
Check em out on eBay!!


Monday, March 24, 2014

I've Opened up Shop on Etsy!!!


    Super duper excited to share with everyone that I've opened up shop on Etsy!! My shop is ofcourse named PaintboxPrimitives, and I'm offering all my usual goodies- paintings and collages....mixed media pieces, all done using various elements and methods.
   Right now to start off, I have listed a bunch of 8" x 8" x 1.5" canvases, which can be hung or just stand on a shelf because of the wide width of the frame. I have done most of these with a doll house theme, featuring images of Victorian era children, doll houses, and images that may relate to each piece! I'm looking forward to, and in the midst of working on a few different themed ideas, including some Halloween pieces! I love much fun, and everyone loves a strange and funky piece of Halloween art don't they?!
   Anyhoo, be sure to check me out on Etsy, and favourite my shop! I appreciate your support and your interest in all of my art work!

         Click Here to Visit PaintboxPrimitives Shop On Etsy

       Boys Like Dolls Too!                                                                                   Clothesline

An Easter Collage Book


   After a whiles away, I have created another mini upcycled children's board book! Featuring an Easter theme, this cutie patootie 8 pg book has been all decorated up with various vintage papers, scrapbooking paper tidbits, printed images, and ofcourse embellished with coloured pencils, ink stamped images, and some black ink pen!
  This was so much fun to make!......and after listing on eBay, it has sold, and on its way to it's new home!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

HaLLoWeeN TiMe!!

It's May 1st and I'm feeling some Halloween inspiration! I love creating for Halloween as it's my absolute favourite 'holiday' and could do it all year round...but usually wait til about this time of year and then go, go, go all summer long. I've recently listed some art cards on eBay that I've had sitting around so I hope you will take a peek.

CLiCK HeRe To See HaLLoWeen aRT CaRdS!!

Art cards are a fun way to enjoy art as they are small (2.5" x 3.5") and you can easily tuck them away into special little spots like in between displays around your house or office, into a wreath or even an album. I've even been asked to drill holes and add wire hangers which is a terrific idea too! 

I have tons of old antique ledgers and papers which I love to use for my art cards. I also use a lot of printed items and scrap booking papers, but the look of the old stuff can't be beat! It just seems to add a bit more texture and interest! Anyhow, take a peek at these, and you won't be disappointed!

Monday, April 29, 2013


    It's Spring time again! Time for fresh and exciting new beginnings...starting off the year on the right foot, full throttle and all 'gung ho' to get back into it!! I've been super busy creating...and with so many ideas floating around my silly head, I've been flitting back and forth between projects. A few I have saved for the PFATT Marketplace for new listings for May, but do have one super cute project listed on eBay right now!


   I have always loved the circus themed stuff and have done related pieces and art cards before so I went with it again, in the form of a small theater type assemblage. A tiny box with a clear plastic window is the main body and holds a vintage pic of some Victorian era kids in their funny costumes!! A french Pierrot inspired gal sits on top surrounded by tissue paper fringe...she is devine! I love this piece and hope you will too! It's great to be back here!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Well, Halloween time has passed, and Christmas is on it's merry way, so time for some Santa's and snowmen!! I have been busy creating some winter fun in the form of some art cards!

Just a few samples of my freehand drawn and painted art cards! If they are not currently listed on eBay, they will be check 'em out!!